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12 Smart Bathroom Renovation Essentials

When your bathroom gets old and dated or becomes difficult to use, or you want to sell your home for the best price, bathroom renovation becomes inevitable.

Let’s glance at the twelve smart essentials that need to be considered before planning a bathroom renovation.

1. Duration

How much time is required to complete a bathroom renovation will normally depend on the size of the bathroom and the extent of renovation. Nonetheless, a bathroom renovation is divided into three phases viz.

  1. Planning & designing phase – May take anywhere from 1-week to 3-weeks depending on the intricacy of the renovation work.
  2. Building/ construction phase – May take around 2-weeks to 4-weeks.
  3. The last phase is for final touches – May take from 1 to 3 days.

In addition to estimating the timeframe of the renovation works, planning is important for ordering and purchasing materials such as cabinets or custom-built bathroom vanity, fixtures and tiles to ensure they are delivered when your bathroom renovator/ contractor needs them. Planning is crucial also for those families who have only one bathroom in their house so that they can plan where they need to take the shower and use the toilet when their bathroom is under renovation.

A responsible contractor would always keep the homeowner well informed during each step of the renovation process, which allows the owner to plan accordingly and know when they would get access to their bathroom.

2. Financial Planning

When you want to renovate your bathroom, the first and the foremost thing is to know the budget that you can allocate for it. In case, you don’t know what amount you need to spend then you should try to figure out how much you actually want to spend on your bathroom renovation project. Once you’re clear about the budget, you’ll be able to know what you should be spending on bathroom fixtures, tiles and designer bathroom splashback, as well as, bathroom vanities and extras, and how much you have to keep aside for labour. Having a budget in place will aid you to make decisions about what you can include in your bathroom remodel.

3. Progress of Work

It’s imperative to maintain work sequence when renovating a bathroom, which will save you from mistakes and plenty of your clean up time. Regardless you’re taking down plasterboard or just repainting, you need to begin always at the top of the room, restoring your ceiling first, then the walls, and finally your floors so you can avert damage to your new parts.

4. Disguised Issues

If you’re planning for the main upgrade for your bathroom, always take the help of a professional with plenty of experience so that you can get renovated bathroom without any problems that will operate seamlessly as well as add great value to your home for many years to come. Depending on how well your home was built and its age, the major disguised issue you might be experiencing is of water damage. It’s imperative to watch out for structural inadequacies in the floor framing, non-waterproof tile shower or tub surrounds, inappropriately vented plumbing, old corroded plumbing etc.

5. Design Bathroom for Practicality & Aesthetics

When designing or renovating a bathroom, many elements need to be considered such as the colour of paint, vanities, showers, tubs, taps, tile choices and more. It can get distressing so you need to do your research well. You may pick a design item that you want to make the centre of attraction and then work with the remaining bathroom design around it. Alternatively, you can gather components that you like collectively into what will become the concluding design of the bathroom. Design should work together with practicality, so it’s important to consider who will use the bathroom and how it will be used. Find out a final resale value of the house and take a minute to visualise how the bathroom design will blend in with the remaining house.

6. Walls & Flooring

Choose from marble, granite or ceramic tiles according to your budget and build a very strong wall and flooring bath surfaces. When it comes to bath surface flooring, you get more choices including vinyl sheets or tiles, stained or painted cement, which not only looks better but also economically priced. Nonetheless, factor in slip-resistance and durability when choosing the flooring option for your bathroom.

7. Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets and shelves should be designed in a way that fits the space yet provide ample storage space for keeping all your stuff that is easily accessible and at the same time looks elegant.

8. Bathroom Fixtures

Repairing or replacing bathroom fixtures is a vital part of any bathroom renovation, which may include bathtub, taps, shower, showerheads, toilet, bidet, sink etc. Inspect shower doors and mirrors of the bathroom, repair or replace them as need be. Have a modest budget yet if you want to give a new look to your bathroom interior then the simplest way to do it is by replacing drawer pull handles, shower door hardware and door pull handle. However, if you’re budget is not restricted, then go ahead and replace your bathroom’s shower doors with brand new ones to get an entirely new look and feel.

9. Lighting

Adequate lighting makes the bathroom complete. Four kinds of lighting options are available to supplement your bathroom ambience namely decorative, sparkle, accent and task lighting. First, you need to maximise natural light in your bathroom and then complement it with a combination of artificial lighting options listed above. This will make your bathroom highly functional and aesthetically delightful.

10. Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is vital in a bathroom, as a constant flow of air can avert decay of any wooden trim or fixtures, as well as, the impregnation of building insulation. In the absence of proper ventilation, the bathroom can get mouldy, humid and can damage your health.

11. Going the Eco-Friendly Way

If possible, make use of environmentally friendly fixtures in your bathroom such as a low flow toilet, which uses less water and saves considerable money on your water bills, as well as, vanities that are crafted from sustainably harvested wood etc.

12. Bathroom Accessories

Once the bathroom remodelling is complete, you will need to equip it with bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, towel racks, new bath towels, mirrors, bath mats etc.

Final Words

Bathroom renovation involves intricate tasks such as plumbing and electrical work, so it’s recommended to hire a bathroom renovation contractor irrespective of whether it’s a big or small bathroom renovation project. When you hire a professional contractor, it will not only save your precious time but also pointless despair.

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