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5 Home Security Renovations

Millions of home burglaries occur each year, many times when the homeowner is actually present in the house. That’s an alarming fact that should spur the average homeowner to examine their security measures. There’s no putting a price on peace of mind, and keeping your family and valuables safe is a top priority.

Here are five renovations you can make in your home security system to keep those unwelcome visitors out.

Get A New Front Door

One of the simplest upgrades you can make to your home security system is to get a new front door. Modern doors come in many varieties and have many features; from solid wood cores to steel coating, to advanced smart locks and tamper-resistant locks.

The materials you choose for your door can determine whether or not it can become an easy entry point for potential invaders.  Don’t go the cheaper route with your front door. Spending a little extra money on the initial cost of a higher quality door can save you money down the line.

If someone breaks into your home, the damages and stolen goods can add up to thousands of dollars. It’s better to have spent $500 on a door than $2,000 on replacing your TV or jewelry.

Add A Security System & Better Locks

The security system industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades. The market has exploded with demand due to an increase in trespassing and home burglaries. Adding a security system to your home is a great way to bolster your defenses-and deter would-be burglars or invaders. However, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a new security system:

  • Does it include cameras, motion sensors, or break in monitors?
  • Does it fit my budget?
  • Does the company offer 24/7 surveillance?
  • Does the security system work with a smartphone?
  • Does the system include smart locks?

Choosing the best security system depends mostly on your budget, but it’s certainly better to have one than to be left without one.

The locks on your doors and windows are equally as important. If your windows don’t already have locks, consider finding locks that fit them. A window can quickly become an easy entry point if there’s enough of a handhold on them to be opened from the outside.

Consider adding mortice locks to your doors. This type of lock cannot be opened except with a key, even if the thief manages to break a window or panel on your door. Some home insurance policies actually require this type of lock to be installed on all doors to the home.

Light Timers

Having your interior and exterior lights hooked up to timers can add extra security when you’re away. If you’re coming home late, you can set the timer to turn the lights on right around dusk lighting up the property so your neighbors can see suspicious activity better.

This will help create the impression that someone is home, and further deter would be home-invaders. A completely dark house is the perfect target for a home invasion; it looks like there’s either no one home or everyone is asleep.

Brighter Outside Lights

While you’re connecting your lights to timers, it’s probably a good time to consider some fog lights or security lights for the outside of your home. These lights can illuminate your entire yard (and the neighbor’s if you aren’t careful where you point them) and eliminate shadows, making it much easier for you (or the police) to spot intruders.

Security lights have motion sensors which mean they don’t have to be on continuously, running up energy bills. The lights only turn on when something sets off the motion detector, and often times a light suddenly turning on can be enough to deter a burglar.

Fences, Shrubs, and Bushes

A simple, yet effective home renovation you can make to deter a break-in is a simple fence with a locking gate, shrubs, or bushes. Limiting access to the property makes it more difficult for potential burglars to get to the house in the first place.

A tall hedge can be just as effective, if not more so, than a fence. There are many options for this method, and many shrubs and bushes bloom beautifully in the springtime, adding an extra aesthetic effect to your protection.

Fences come in many varieties as well, from wood to wrought iron to vinyl. You want your fence to at least be tall enough that a burglar can’t jump right over it, and make sure there are no gaps where the fence meets the property line.

A good locking mechanism or a simple padlock is important too; if you leave just the latch that came with the gate, it’s likely the intruder will simply unlatch it and walk right in.

Don’t Leave It Up To Chance

Your home, valuables, and family are nothing to gamble with, so don’t leave it up to chance. Make sure you have sturdy doors, solid locks, and adequate lighting for your property. Ensure that all of your windows have locks (and that they still work).

Protect your property with fences, shrubs, or bushes and make your home more difficult to access in the first place. A security system is an effective addition to any home, and the extra costs associated with these measures are far outweighed by the financial and emotional costs of a break-in or robbery.

Don’t leave something like that to chance.

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