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5 Reasons to Call Massachusetts Home

Deciding where to live is a big decision with multiple factors to consider. Most people move for job reasons or to be closer to family. But sometimes the decision hinges on some important considerations. These considerations are different for every family, but a few of the most popular are schools, health care, and economy. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of moving to Massachusetts, you’ll be glad to know that these things and many more are some of the things the state is known for.


Massachusetts is well-known for its exemplary school system. In fact, in 2018, it continued to rank No. 1 in the nation. Education leaders continue to make strides to improve education standards across the state. And efforts for funding have paid off big. From 1993 to 2000, the state had doubled its public education funding. They attribute much of their success to “homing in on how childhood trauma can undermine achievement and developing means for helping kids cope with it.”


On a less serious note, Massachusetts residents enjoy the beautiful seasonal weather. Their winters are usually not too harsh but do often yield a decent amount of snowfall. Fall brings with it some of the most beautiful foliage changes you’ll find anywhere. And magnolia trees and cherry blossoms show off their blooms throughout the spring and summer.

Health care

Another top 10 list that Massachusetts frequents is the health care rankings. Factors used to measure this are things such as the quality of care, overall citizen health, and ease of access. You can see firsthand the overall view of health care quality by checking out websites where people can submit a review of the hospital they visited. But the cost of the care is where Massachusetts has made the biggest leap. The reform started in 2006 when efforts were made to drive down health care costs for its residents. And not only did it achieve these initiatives, they also continue to improve every year.


Massachusetts is famous for some of the most popular food and drinks in the US. Boston cream pie, for example, is enjoyed all over the world, but it got its start here in this state. Samuel Adams beer was created here in 1984, and you can even tour the brewery in Boston. Speaking of beer, the Boston bar that inspired Cheers is an actual place where everybody might know your name. It was originally opened in 1969 as the Bull and Finch Pub but officially changed its name later on. You can now buy memorabilia here, along with regular bar fare and booze. And let’s not forget the combination of food and sports. Fenway Park’s franks are enough to draw even non-fans to sit in for a Red Sox game.


Massachusetts is rich with history that spills over into the architecture of its businesses and homes. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a New England home, you won’t find more anywhere than you will in Massachusetts. Colonial homes are simply constructed usually wooden structures. They usually don’t have shutters, porches, or anything decorative. Cape Cods are wood-framed, charming little houses with pitched roofs and symmetrically placed windows. You’ll also find Georgian, Adam, Greek Revival, and Victorian homes among the stately architecture around the area. Many people who buy these homes choose to stick closely with the exterior architecture of the era. However, most are unwilling to give up some modern amenities within their dwellings. A local granite distributor in Brimfield, MA, for example, can help you update your kitchen and bathrooms with a sophisticated, high-quality look.

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