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5 Simple Steps to a New Kitchen

At some point, you may decide to remodel your kitchen to spruce up your house. Whether you choose to remodel a kitchen by yourself or by hiring a professional. The following steps will help you design your new kitchen.

Step 1: Planning

It is essential to establish a plan for the task ahead. Accordingly, the project should involve:

  • Visiting home improvement stores and going through various home improvement publications to get a glimpse of the type of kitchen you desire.
  • Planning the kitchen around the style of the rest of the home to maintain the beauty of the decor of the house.
  • You can opt to hire a kitchen designer who can draw the desired design to scale, and this gives the homeowner a clear picture of the expected changes in the kitchen area.
  • Buy appliances, cabinets lighting fixtures, sinks, tiles, baseboards, and paint and a kitchen door replacement in advance.

Step 2: Making Drawings and Obtaining Permits from Local Authorities

Once the planning is done, one needs to work on construction documents. At this stage, the final construction drawings come into play as it will be useful for budgeting of equipment. Drawings are then submitted to the authorities for permits to undertake construction.

Step 3: Setting Up a Demonstration of the Model of the New Kitchen

At this stage, you should get ready for a demonstration, to give a clear picture of what the new kitchen will look like. The demo should be a kitchen put to scale so that you can make final decisions on whether you would like to make changes to your kitchen or not. The big day of construction is upon the designers and constructors if work is to go ahead. You might need to move out of the house temporarily. The cabinets should be cleaned out by storing items away from your kitchen.

Step 4: Beginning Work on the Site

Demolishing your existing kitchen should take a systematic approach. First, you need to remove cabinets and kitchen door replacement. Then, you should shut off the power, direct wiring, and lighting appliances. Hired contractors should work on the schedule once they start remodeling your kitchen

Step 5: Kind of Replacements to be Made in the Kitchen According to the Plan and Design

Once the work begins, replacement of older plumbing should be affected, since at this stage the walls are open. You should note that the old pipe could break or leak when the new kitchen is mounted. Therefore, replace shut-off valve boxes for the refrigerator with the option of having them cleaned out. Galvanized plumbing under the sink should be replaced. Replacing kitchen lightning should be done according to the law code existing in your resident city.

Types of electrical jobs involved ranges from overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting, wiring the dishwasher and garbage disposal and receptacle for the microwave. Furthermore, the kitchen door replacement should be done for old doors. This should be done according to the design of the house. Additionally, painting of the walls according to your preferred colors should follow to give your kitchen a neat look. All of the above fixtures should be done according to the specifications and measurements.

You can easily make a new kitchen with little refurb by hiring professional designers or doing it by themselves following simple steps. When the full work is complete, there will be a period of confusion finding items that you once knew where they belonged, but the new kitchen will be worth the trouble!

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