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6 Tips to Help You Avoid Locksmith Scams

Ever heard people in your neighborhood complaining about a locksmith. Some call them scammers or think they were ripped off. But what if you realize you can avoid scammers and get the services that are worth what you paid? In many cases, avoiding a scammer is challenging. They are found everywhere. You can find their contacts in local directories or online. Most of them don’t operate locksmith shops and are not licensed. To help you avoid scams, follow the tips.

Look for a locksmith who operates a local shop

To find a try trustworthy locksmith, find their shops and other customer reviews. Be wary of anyone who doesn’t have a physical shop or those who are only available online. Find a local address and research to see whether they are genuine.

Check the license and ID

Once they arrive at your doorstep or business, make sure to check for identification. Also, check the license where applicable. A legitimate locksmith has all these things include giving guarantees.

Ask for quotations or cost estimates

Scammers always bait customers by advertising low cost. Not that all those advertising services at lower cost are a scammer, but you need to be extra careful with them. The scammers also have a habit of quoting prices without assessing the task ahead.

Never pay online

Don’t pay online or before you are fully satisfied. If you are asked for down payment before they see the task at hand, they might be out to scam you. Don’t hire anyone who insists on payment before the offer services.

Watch out for any additional charges

Scammers don’t know the exact charges of tasks. They try to guess everything, including pricing. If you notice any additional cost, question them. If they refuse to answer, cancel the deal and move on to another locksmith who can give exact estimates.

Don’t let them drill your locks

Always be wary of locksmiths who insist on drilling locks as the answer to open them. Drilling is for high-security locks. A qualified locksmith should have all the experience, skills and tools to open any lock. If they insist on drilling locks in your home, be wary.

Ask questions

To know if you are dealing with a scammer or a professional ask question. Ask where they are located, the name of the company, reviews, estimates, exact process and much more. You need to know all these to avoid scammers.

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