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6 Ways Interior Designers can Find New Clients

Whether you are an aspiring designer looking to get your foot in the industry or an established interior design firm, there is always space to grow and expand. With pressures from all angles in entrepreneurial work, one of the greatest can be thinking about where and when your next client will show up. Summed up, in a nutshell, are six tried and tested ways to both reach out to clients and draw them in.

  • Networking Events

Often we don’t know what we are looking for until we see it. Meeting and greeting, and chatting and drinking can often lead to conversations full of propositions and acceptance.

Whilst the conventional way to find clients is to let them find you- through your online presence or other marketing strategies. It can be useful for you to go looking for them.

A number of high-profile interior design networking events and ceremonies take place across the country, gathering lots of potential clients in one place. Great. Make yourself a known and committed attendee.

Be open to speaking directly with your client. Ask them what they want and be sure to let them know what you can do. One way is to carry with you a portable portfolio of your work to make reference to.

  • Social Media

Technology has blessed us with the ability to instantly share pictures, news, and information. Instagram and Twitter have blessed us further with direct messaging services, allowing us to be in the closest virtual proximity with potential clients. Make use of this feature by reaching out with your work, opinion polls, and promotions.

Convenient for the interior designer, Instagram and Pinterest are platforms centered on the sharing of photos and pictures. What better way to showcase your work than to publish it in space available for millions to see.

To make the most out of this method, one should be vigilant with your layout and keeping your business accounts up to date. Sloppy social media management will limit your ability to reach industry-leading experts and high-caliber clients.

  • Word of Mouth

Recommendations prove that you have done a good job. If a client recommends you to a friend, it is because they want what you have created. You’re doing something tremendously right if your next client is sourced from a recommendation.

Do pro bono work, only when it is good for you. If you come across an opportunity to work on a project that is associated with big names- do it, for free. Not only will you meet and liaise with big clients, if you do a good and memorable job, but you could also find yourself being called back or recommended to others.

Be sure not to undertake too many unpaid jobs, as this can undervalue your talent. However, as a start-up looking to expand your portfolio, it’s a step in the right direction.

  • Paid Advertising

One for the big boys. It should be noted that most companies paying for advertising campaigns have plenty of clients. They’re all about brand awareness. So, be sure to consider how much awareness your brand needs, as it will determine the handsome sum you’ll pay.

In most cases, it is entirely ineffective to contemplate spending money on advertising unless you can compete with big companies spending big bucks.

  • Showcase Your Potential

Nothing sells as well as a ‘before and after’ shot. Clearly demonstrated visualization of what you can do with space is an incredibly compelling reason to take action. (unless your shots display utter dismay and a clear lack of creative vision, as opposed to the eloquent transformation of space in beautiful meaningful ways).

If you are a new designer, and so do not yet have ‘before and after’ shots- simply try to use words to describe your talent. This can be effective if you can quote happy clients.

Keep in mind the need to take photos and record every moment of the creative process from initial planning, to execution and final touches. Take inspiration from award winning designs to stay on trend with what exactly, good interior design should shape into for your ‘after’ shots.

  • Public Relations

Free of charge and simple enough- engage with writers and journalists to convince them to feature you and your work in their next piece. A brilliant starting point is with local magazines and newspapers.

Direct contact information should be available on websites, where it is not, call them up and ask for it. Contact details of the editor would be advantageous, but not necessary.

Upon making contact, explain your local business news story to them, be sure to state to them:

  • Who you are and what you do
  • Where you are from and that you are local
  • Suggest angles for the story
  • Include a link to your website/portfolio

As with all methods on how to find interior design clients, stay patient when waiting for your response. Remember you have a service to offer- an invaluable one at that. Remain professional and depend on your profound skills and expertise to get you noticed in the industry.

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