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7 Handy Tips to Make Your Front Garden Look Welcoming

The front garden of your house tells your guests and outsiders how you are. Overgrown bushes and trees, dry leaves scattered on lawn and paths, and dried out plants are signs of careless homeowners.

Neatness and organization are important when it comes to maintaining your yard, just as they are in maintaining your home. You can take help of expert gardening services Bondi such as Amico to create a neat and organized garden.

But in the garden, you are dealing with live creatures called plants. And along with them you also have to take care of various garden features. So, how will you do that? Here are some handy tips.

1. Let Paths Look Beautiful

A welcoming front entrance makes your guests’ first impression about you and your house memorable. Irregular pavers or slippery paths are shabby to look at as well as dangerous.

If you’ve got such paths, your first job is to repair them and pave them well. Alternating pavers with grass patches is a nice idea but the grass should be well-maintained and not overgrown.

You can even line the paths with colorful flowering, fragrant plants or well-maintained hedge. Your guests will surely love to walk on such neat and beautiful paths and enter your home.

2. Let Things be Clear

Make sure the connection between the gate and your front door is direct and obvious. This means that the front door should be seen or symbolized in some way once your guests step on the front path.

If more than one door is visible from the garden, you should make it clear which one the guests should use. For example, mark it with distinctive paving or paint the door with a discernible color or let it be the biggest and most ornate of all.

3. Add Pauses

Front gardens are typically shifting areas between your home and the public street. You can make it more restful by adding a bench or some seating element.

The distance from the gate to the front door may be short. Still, your guests will surely appreciate the pause thus offered because then they can gather various impressions from what is seen around.

4. Create a Feeling of Welcome

As mentioned earlier, your front door should be big enough to be discernible. Plus, you can add a special feature like a sculpture, a fountain or a topiary plant and create a feeling of welcome.

5. Choose Low-maintenance High-performance Plants

If you are not an avid gardener and not sure if you can maintain your garden regularly, choose plants that will need only a little maintenance but will look amazing all year round.

You can get many such plants like camellias, bromeliads, bay trees, michelia, Portugal laurel, succulents, flaxes and more at professional gardeners Paddington such as Amico or from other local garden service provider near you.

6. Let Fences be Your Features

Even fences can become your garden features. There are various ideas including but not limited to:

  • Creating a fence from a striking material like recycled hardwood sleepers or horizontal bamboos that by itself will make a statement
  • Hanging bright-colored boxes on the fences and grow plants in them with colorful foliage and flowers
  • Add a prominent sculpture to the fence
  • Grow climbers on the fence and shaping them into strategic designs

7. Let the Gate be a Unique Artwork

If you want to make your garden and home look unique, modern and eye-catching, why should you have an ordinary gate with a boring design?

Make the design of the gate unique by including various eye-catching elements like an arrow, hooks, dancing figurines, and so on.

The unique, artistic design will surely give a message to your guests that there’s a lot of fun beyond.

Are the above tips easy? So, when are you starting revamping your front garden?

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