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9 Common Mistakes People Make When Using Fire Extinguishers

There are common mistakes that people make on a day-to-day basis when it comes to fire extinguishers. Things such as not recharging fire extinguisher regularly and not knowing how to approach a fire cause loss of property and life all over the world. Avoid making the same mistakes below.

1. Standing next to the fire

You need to be at least 8 feet from the fire when you are using the fire extinguisher. Any closer means that you’re risking your own safety. Any further is risky because the fire extinguisher might not work as well.

2. Not approaching it like a train

Stop, look, and listen when there’s a fire. You shouldn’t go in too aggressively just because you are carrying a fire extinguisher. Assess the situation and look at possible exits if you find it tough to put the fire out.

3. Using the incorrect type of fire extinguisher

There’s a label on fire extinguishers that state what type they are. Here’s a quick rundown to give you an idea of what you use depending on the type of fire:

Type A for fires because of solids like wood products

Type B for fires because of flammable liquids like oil

Type C for fires because of flammable gases like methane

Type D for fires because of metals like aluminum

Type E for fires because of electrical equipment like appliances

Type F for fires because of cooking oil

4. Not turning off the power

You have to make sure that all power sources are switched off when trying to put out a fire. The last thing that you want to happen is for something to reignite the fire due to electrical issues.

5. Not maintaining fire extinguishers

It is important that fire extinguishers are maintained properly to get the usage that you want out of them. There are companies that provide services such as repairs and recharging fire extinguisher.

6. Using a tampered fire extinguisher

A yearly inspection should be done to guarantee that a fire extinguisher has not been tampered with. There are safety features included such as tampering stickers and pins that can be checked as well.

7. Aiming at the source

Aiming at the source is of the fire is applicable only to a limited type of fires. Make sure that you aim at the fire itself and put those out before you attempt to get rid of the source.

8. Facing the direction of the wind

The wind plays an important role when it comes to putting out a fire. Ensure that you are not facing the wind to avoid getting splashed at or inhaling smoke.

9. Leaving as soon as the fire’s put out

When the fire is put out, you should inspect the ashes and try to find and traces of fire. Of course, this is applicable if you aren’t trying to escape. Fire can reignite if you don’t understand what caused it in the first place.
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