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A Newlywed’s Guide To Buying And Decorating The Yard With A Patio Swing!

Wooden patio swings are one of the most coveted décor items, even today. With numerous online sellers offering high-quality wooden swings at affordable rates, a gamut of people is making it an exclusive inclusion in their homes.

If you’re a newlywed couple looking to decorate your home after marriage, then adding a porch swing is a good option. Not only will it boost the aesthetics, but adding a porch swing will also offer you the following perks –

  • Space for spending quality time together as lounging in a swing promotes harmony in the family.
  • A relaxing way to work, and spend ‘me time’ any time. For example, you can swing, contemplate with a cup of coffee and boost your intellect.

Now that you know the perks of adding a patio swing, it’s vital to boost its aesthetics too. Moreover, who doesn’t want their new home to resemble something out of vogue?

So, here goes –

1. Go color coded with your swing!

If your home is ultra-modern with a chic interior, then it’s best to go for white wooden porch swings with white and cherry red cushions. Try to choose a swing which is like a settee. Use a crisp white full-length cushion for your swing seat and pick out small red velvet cushions for comfort and decoration.

These add crispness and austerity to compliment an ultra-modern home like yours.

2. Add bolster pillows

Bolster pillows are another excellent option to decorate your porch swing. Use these pillows for a traditional wooden porch swing. If you’ve chosen a teakwood or mahogany swing, then pick single color to bolster pillows in shades of red, navy or occur yellow to add an old world charm.

For a funkier look, you can add printed bolster pillows. However, these work the best against white or muted shades of wooden swings.

3. A suspended swing from a makeshift podium

Like the traditional Japanese, you can ask the interior decorator to create a ‘stupa’ like wooden platform. Hang a suspended swing from this platform in the yard. This will give an artistic appeal to the house on the whole.

After these decorative ideas to enhance the appeal of a porch swing, here are2 tips to buy one –

Tip 1: The amount of area available

While searching for a patio swing online, don’t pick anyone simply because its aesthetics please your senses. First, consider the area available in your yard. Measure that area and pick a swing which will fit your yard space aptly.

Accordingly, select a size and design which compliments the surroundings precisely.

Tip 2: The budget and a trusted seller

If you’re ordering teak wood swings online, fix a budget first, and then go for reputed sellers. Also, try to find out whether the swings offered come coated with insect repellents. Any reputed seller uses quality wood and coats it with chemicals which prevent erosion and insect infestation.

Well, there you go! Now, that you have this mini-guide to pick and decorate a patio swing, get one today and improve your home’s aesthetics manifold.

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