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Bamboo Sheets: The Pleasure of Good Sleep

Our bedding such as sheets, blankets, quilts, and bedspreads is very important to have a good rest. These should be of good quality so that our sleep is deeper and we can sleep relaxed and more deeply. Inside the bed linen, the sheets are indispensable and the most important, since these are the ones that we use all year, unlike the quilts and blankets. There are different types, classes, and models of sheets, such as cotton, synthetic, linen, silk and bamboo sheets, among others. The latter has a series of unique characteristics compared to the others, and here we will tell you what they are. These sheets are very breathable because they absorb moisture quickly from the body and also eliminate body odors. Linenly is an Australian direct-to-consumer brand selling 100{fd10b3be43aac1951a97755e9c8a359efb6aa8e3475cc0a49003b3ecfc5afbe2} organic bamboo sheets.

Qualities of Bamboo Sheets

  • Bamboo sheets quickly absorb moisture and are extremely breathable; reduce bacteria up to 99{fd10b3be43aac1951a97755e9c8a359efb6aa8e3475cc0a49003b3ecfc5afbe2} in 24 hours, eliminate body odors, they are a regulator of the climate, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer; and, in addition, they have therapeutic properties that contribute to a relaxing sleep.
  • The texture of soft and smooth Bamboo sheets is a true luxury. It can be compared to a mix of cashmere and silk; providing a feeling like satin. Its composition, between 250 and 300 threads, provides a silkiness equivalent to having a number of cotton threads of 800.
  • In addition, the bamboo fabric does not form the uncomfortable lumps that appear in other fibers with use and is a blocker natural UV.
  • Bamboo sheets have a longer life than most cotton items; even after 50 washes 80{fd10b3be43aac1951a97755e9c8a359efb6aa8e3475cc0a49003b3ecfc5afbe2} of the bacteria are eliminated and their softness does not disappear. It can be machine washed and the shrinkage of its fabric is practically null.
  • Bamboo is a completely ecological material, since its treatment does not use chemical substances like pesticides, and is 100{fd10b3be43aac1951a97755e9c8a359efb6aa8e3475cc0a49003b3ecfc5afbe2} biodegradable.

Bedding Set Bamboo

Even though Egyptian cotton bedding is considered to be the most relaxing, soft, comfortable and of excellent quality, it has the disadvantage that it does not regulate temperature and is not allergen-free. Therefore, bamboo is becoming the preferred material among demanding consumers.

Bamboo sheets meet high-quality standards. Bamboo sheets are undoubtedly a soft, luxurious and comfortable garment, with many benefits for health and the preservation of the environment. You will be waiting for the time to go to sleep!

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