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Becoming a Crestron programmer – Where, what and after

Crestron Electronics, Inc. is the world’s leading name in Home Automation Systems. For people familiar with the market, Crestron is almost synonymous with Home Automation. It has been automating homes and delivering solutions to its clients for a long time, and now it is giving everyone a chance to do so. With its Crestron Programming course, anyone can learn it worldwide and become a Crestron Programmer.

Where to learn

The Crestron Technical Institute prepares its students for the challenges they will face while designing control systems and programming for both commercial and residential A/V professionals. They provide online training as well. Attendance as CTI gives one personalized assistance as well as direct communication with Crestron Technical staff. The students become accustomed to the skill sets required for the company and gain the necessary knowledge as well, thus becoming an extension of Crestron, successfully becoming a Crestron Programmer.

What to learn

The Crestron Programming curriculum is a highly updated one, thereby ensuring that each of its trainees has access to the newest technologies on the block. The trainers there have more than 20 years of experience in their fields and thus have a refined method of teaching which doesn’t leave any gaps in the student’s minds.

The Core Competencies which are taught are:

  • Symbol logic coding is a major takeaway.
  • Teaching of the usage of Smart Graphics, to make the interfaces interactive and personal.
  • The skill required to configure a Crestron Fusion deployment and commission it.
  • Excellency in simple programming language by Crestron.

Once a person completes this course, they are accredited with the title of being a Crestron Certified Programmer. They can then take up a job, or try to become a Crestron Master Programmer.

Job opportunities

Once you become a Crestron Programmer, you will be eligible for working at almost every job that exists out there, with an average package of $ 70,000.

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