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Bored of Your Kitchen? How to Re-Love the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and every once in a while you might want to shake things up a little with a kitchen makeover. During a kitchen redesign, form and function should go together. It is essential to have a kitchen you can use to do all your work while still feeling proud of its design. Here are some ideas help you give your kitchen a new look.

1. Paint the Walls and Cabinets

One reasonably feasible way to redesign a kitchen is to provide it with a fresh coat of paint. According to scientific research, colour is known to affect our moods and minds. Incorporate it into your kitchen to create a feeling of vibrancy.

A tip to remember when planning to paint the kitchen is that you can use different colours instead of only using one tone. For example, you can decide to paint the walls with one colour and give the cabinets a different shade that blends with the wall hue. Such a mix up will give the kitchen a visual richness that gets you and the rest of the family to love being in that space again.

2. Install New Appliances

Kitchen appliances play the dual role of helping you do the necessary tasks while also adding character to the area. Consider replacing outdated or malfunctioning appliances with new and more energy efficient ones to increase the utility and appeal of your kitchen makeover. You will get to save on energy bills, help conserve the environment and get to love working in the heart of your home again.

3. Customize the Lighting

Just like colour, scientific research also points to the fact that lighting can affect our mood. Combine several types of lighting to create the best atmosphere in the kitchen. Ambient overhead light will provide the primary source of illumination. Task lighting will help illuminate the surfaces you regularly work on that the overhead lighting isn’t adequately covering. Lastly, you can use mood lighting like light strips inside cabinets, for example, to create a homely and inviting feel in the kitchen.

4. Add Backsplash

If the walls behind your sink and stove are bare, consider installing backsplash to revamp the look of your kitchen space. The walls above or behind the sink and stove are prone to spots and dirt that can be hard to clean. Adding backsplash ensures that you can always clean any dirt arising from cooking or cleaning without worrying about accumulating permanent stains.

There are various types of design that you can use on the backsplash to enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen. It can become a focal point in your kitchen’s design language that will help anchor the rest of its aesthetic appeal.


There are several ways you can alter the look of your kitchen. Combine two or more of these approaches to achieve the best results accruing from the variety in the uplift of the design. Do not sacrifice form or function in your quest to fall in love with your kitchen again.

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