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Characteristics of a successful designer

Yes, you are that creative suite whiz and anything design is ‘your food’. However, such is not a guarantee for success in an interior design career. It’s about having a business sense, efficiency and much more. In this article, we focus on those specific traits that an interior designer must have for them to succeed.

Thick skin

As a designer, you will come across many critics; from fellow designers, clients and general consumers of your work. Having a thick skin helps you take that criticism positively and perpetually improve your work. When someone criticizes your design, it just means that it does not meet their subjective expectation. Thus, use that as a chance to showcase your versatility.

You must apply brutal self-honesty

Being brutally honest with yourself means asking yourself questions about your work. It is common for any designer to want to justify their mistakes and this is a trap you should never fall into. Ask yourself the hard points; is this my best? Is there much I can do? Such will push you to look at your work from the client’s point of view, which gives you a better idea.

A logical thinker

Logical thinking is what makes a great designer and separates them from any other mediocre. It means approaching your work with the end user in mind. It progresses beyond design 101 decisions; career-wise, you’d want to build your reputation as a killer Word Press designer, and then your site needs to be WordPress powered. Logical thinking leads to solid decisions in your career and design work.

Great communication

You must be able to speak plainly about the choices you make; why you choose them and why from your informed side of view, they work. Therefore, thinking logically about the design, and brutally criticizing your work, you will have the confidence on the decisions you make and therefore can convince a client that the design choice is the right fit for their business. Great communication will make you a preferred designer in the face of competition; there are many designers offering commercial interior design services and all of them have their competencies that cannot be underrated. However, the way you articulate your work gives you a cutting edge over the competition. You may not be that good but -practice will make you a perfect one with time.

An honest designer who thinks locally and has perfected their communication skills while exalting self-honesty will definitely be a ‘sought after’ service provider.

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