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Danish Modern Designs in the Hay Online Website

HAY Online Store is the official website for HAY known for their collection of Danish designed furniture, accessories and lighting.

Danish furniture

Danish furniture was born out of the cold, whiteout winters that are the trademark of Denmark. Danish modernism is an entire collection of contradictions – being scant, yet cozy, aesthetic-minded yet functional. The Danish Modern design might be calling your name when you look through the furniture at https://www.hayonlinewinkel.com/nl/.

Danish modern style

Danish modern furniture is frequently traced back to only one designer: Kaare Klint. In 1920, Danish-born designer Kaare was shown the work of German Bauhaus. Bauhaus celebrated structure that was simple and the responsiveness that “form must follow function.” Years later, in an association with his students at the University of Copenhagen, together with several Danish cabinetmakers, Kaare Klint designed some of the first pieces of Danish Modern furniture


Bauhaus furniture quite often made aesthetics a 2nd or 3rd priority – where form follows function. Danish modern furniture makes function give form and function equal priorities. Taking cues from the human form, the so-called Danish Modernists developed sculptural, double-take-worthy furniture looking as if it were created for not only a living room but the public square meaning it fits in every environment.

Sculpted look

This looks of sculpted resulted from bent plywood, which became the choice of material in Europe post-WWII. Among the many wonderful ambitions, makers of Danish Modern furniture had the goal of creating furniture that could be “mass produced”, therefore bringing awesome designs to everyone.

Furniture designers loved

When considering how many Danish Modern furniture designers deserved not only honorable mentions but full-fledged awards due to their genius. It begs to ask the question – where did all this talent come from?


HAY Online web store is the site for the Danish design brand HAY and has only been established since 2002. They are proud that HAY is already a popular and notorious brand in the world of furniture design. Furniture from the ‘50s and ‘60s has been the inspiration in setting up HAY. The couple Rolf and Metle Hay work together with both established and new designers.

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