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Decorating Tips the Pros Use in Small Spaces

Whether you have a studio apartment or a cozy, small single-family home, when you have a smaller space, you need to get creative with your decorating. Interior design professionals know that the layout of your home’s belongings plays a huge role in how large or small it feels. If you’re working to decorate a smaller-than-average space, take these decorating tips from the pros to heart.

Opt for Floating Pieces

The more items of furniture you have on the floor, the smaller space will seem. When possible, opt for floating pieces you mount to the wall, rather than items that sit on the floor. From wall lights to end tables and even desks that mount to the wall, you can find quite a large number of options to fit this need.

Light it Up

The brighter space is, the larger it will feel. Use wall sconces, table lamps, windows, and overhead lighting to add light anywhere you notice a dark corner. The additional light will open up space significantly.

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors do two things for a small space. First, they give the feeling of depth that can make it feel larger. Second, they help reflect light throughout the space. Both combine to make space feel larger than it really is, and today’s decorative mirrors are beautiful artwork as well.

Keep the Look Cohesive

In a small space, you need each room and area to flow seamlessly into the next. For this reason, consider one color scheme and cohesive décor throughout your modern apartment home. This is not the time to decorate with a wide variety of colors, because doing so will simply make space feel more confining.

Less Is More

Clutter is the enemy of a small space. The less you have in the space, the larger it will feel. This doesn’t mean you can’t use beautiful artwork or statement pieces, but it does mean you need to limit them. Choose items that really stand out, and highlight just one or two, rather than filling the space from end to end with décor.

Hang Curtains Higher

Finally, consider the fact that taller spaces feel larger. Since you can’t raise your ceiling height, consider making it look taller by hanging your curtains as high as you can. Floor-to-ceiling drapes elongate the feel of the room, allowing you to create the feeling of more space where you do not have it.

If you have a smaller space, you can do much to make it feel larger. With these decorating tips, you can enjoy your space to the fullest, without feeling cramped and confined.

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