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Equipment for Working in Drywall – Long Neck Grinder

For anyone who has ever worked in drywall, they know that after the plates have been attached and filled, they must be ground. This works best with the smallest surfaces with a hand grinder. But if ceiling must be ground, this is very time-consuming when done by hand. That is why a drywall sander is used for such work. These have a long neck if you buy one for blankets. They are also referred to as flex grinders or long neck grinder, or gute Langhalsschleifer.

What can one use a long-neck sander for?

There are many different brands of long neck sanders and are universally applicable and greatly facilitate drywall construction, painting or renovating work. These sanding tools also called sanding giraffes or wall and ceiling sanders – are indispensable for treating gypsum cardboard or performing drywall construction.


They are suitable for grinding blankets. That is why the name Schleifgiraffe. Thanks to the long neck, you can reach the ceiling without any great problems and smooth out the filled joints. There are all grinders for walls that are smaller and have no nick and therefore are handy for working on walls.

 Working height

If you buy one from Matix, you will like the working height that can be achieved. So, you do not have to constantly climb the ladder and go over slowly from gap to gap. That should be a huge relief.

About the DWS 710 matrix

  • The cable is about 4 meters long
  • Adjustable speed of 700-1700 rpm and 710 watts
  • There are 6 pieces of sandpaper with different grain size in the pack
  • The sanding pad has a diameter of about 21 cm
  • An Allen key and spare carbon brushes are also included
  • Additionally, an extension of the grinding giraffe and a suction hose

There are giraffe grinders in various price ranges. If you want to buy you can pay attention beforehand to the performance that includes accessories and the personal needs. The devices for professionals can also quickly cost over 500 euros. But you also get good models that are a bit cheaper.

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