Cleaning Tips

Hassle-free guide to cleaning your condo

Big condos have become a ‘thorn in the flesh’ when it comes to the maintenance cost. Therefore, most people in Singapore have opted for getting some considerably small space, which they can manage. A carefully budgeted lifestyle poses its own challenges especially when it comes to cleaning a small condo. It’s difficult to maintain a condo’s cleanliness especially when you’ve barely enough space to place all your stuff.

No cause for worry anymore, as there are still ways you can apply and ensure the small condo is well cleaned.

Focus on the kitchen

Most of the food items would lurk around the kitchen and therefore you need to first concentrate your efforts on cleaning this very essential part of your condo. Take a closer look at every hidden place in your kitchen especially the corners. Give special attention to even those minute spots that you think don’t require specialized attention.

Give attention to grooming your microwave, which you could easily ignore. For efficiency in your cleaning, use vinegar, this will absorb even the hidden grime in your microwave. This will give you quick results and make the cleaning process easy. While the microwave is turned on, let a cup of vinegar stand there for a few minutes. Then you can use some dry cloth to wipe any traces of grime from within.

Cleaning home appliances

One of the commonest condo cleaning troubles is scrubbing the tiny parts of the appliances, which are hard to get through. Those deep parts need special attention to get them thoroughly clean. A soup of white vinegar should be spread on the readied washing towel and thus carefully squeezed between down the hidden parts. Watch out for that squeaky-clean look in a few minutes after.

Get an all-purpose cleaner

While living in a condo, you’re presented with options to go shopping for DIY cleaning tools. Take advantage, get guidance from condo cleaning services Singapore service provider on where to get the materials and how to prepare your own natural -all-purpose cleaning solution. Vinegar and lemon, for instance, can do a perfect job in dealing with stains if correctly mixed.

Mind your dressing

Everything you do starts from the mind. Therefore, dressing in comfortable clothes and the right gear tells you that you’ve got a serious cleaning business to accomplish. You can’t afford to wear pajamas and slippers and expect to do a great job, nope- this can only lull you to sleep. Get the apron and the sneakers on -and have the job done.

Cleaning a squeezed condo poses challenges in cleaning because there is no much space to walk and turn around. However, the above tips would help you organize and get the right things done to ensure thorough cleaning is done.

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