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Holiday home break-ins – tips on how to avoid them

Summer holiday or winter holiday, whichever comes, it is always a good reason to take a break from everything and relax. This is what burglars have in mind when they calculate their movements. A highly desired holiday should never be ruined by a home break-in.

While many people don’t want to be bothered by having to leave someone check their house while they are on vacation, there are simple measures you can take to ensure that you’ll return to the same home. Here are some tips on how to avoid home break-ins while you are away on holiday.

Have high-security locks installed

This is the first measure you should take if you want to keep burglars discouraged from trying to unlock the doors of your house. Having high-security locks installed is the best safety measure you can take. Although buying a high-security lock is more costly, doing so will result in long-term advantages.

High-security locks are made of steel, have anti-bumping and anti-drilling properties and can discourage burglars to keep trying to force them. The most common types are double cylinder locks, usually coming under the form of deadbolts. Mortice locks are also preferred if they have the previously mentioned properties.

Prevent break-ins by installing bump-proof locks

If you are wondering which type of high-security lock to choose, one possible answer is the bump-proof lock. Made of high-quality material such as steel, bump-proof locks are designed to resist strikes and bumps. Undergoing special testing conditions, these types of locks are usually classified as Grade A locks. This means that they offer the highest degree of security. If you decide you want a bump proof lock installed to your front door, you can always call a locksmith in your area and ask him to help you choose the most suitable bump proof lock for your house. Don’t forget that professional locksmiths also offer lock supplies so you can choose and install the lock on-site.

Secure the perimeter of your house too

Having security cameras installed is always a good idea. Moreover, make sure you leave a spare key to a trusty relative or neighbor. If you have a trusty neighbor, he or she can spot any suspicious movement in front of your house and alert the police.

Call a local locksmith before leaving

Asking a local locksmith to evaluate the health of your locks before leaving is another useful measure you can take. Even if you don’t replace locks, you can still enhance the security of your window locks by installing security bars, for example. There are always measures to be taken to prevent your house from being broken into.

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