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How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for your Yard

You know you need a lawn mower when you’ve been putting off mowing the lawnmower lawn for the longest time. You may also need a new mower when your old one breaks down and is beyond repair. While personal preference and your budget are two of the upmost considerations for nearly everyone, they should never be the only ones.

Whether you have a large budget or not, the considerations for choosing a lawn mower should be determined by only three factors; the size of the lawn, the level of terrain and the type and number of obstacles on the yard. This is the only way to get the most out of whatever mower you choose and ensure it provides quality service for the longest time.

With the right research you can get quality products for a discounted price.

Choose a Push Mower if You Have a Little Lawn

Push mowers are great for small patches of grass, no larger than 500 square ft. Because they don’t have an engine, they are low maintenance and eco-friendly. To make it cut the grass faster, you may need to move faster to activate the blades properly. They are also the cheapest mowers around because of the simplicity in design and the fact that they don’t have an engine.

Choose Walk-Behind Mowers for Larger Lawns and More Options

These powered mowers are especially ideal for larger lawns and are available in two different sizes. You can easily choose the one you need by measuring the width of your yard gate for easier maneuverability. Although they have an engine that requires maintenance, with the proper care, they can run for years and cut a lot of grass at a time.

Walk-behind mowers also give you a lot of other options to choose from. They include the following:

1. Gas or Electric

One of the biggest advantages of a gas mower is the fact that they have a longer runtime and more power than electric ones. But they also have the distinct disadvantage of needing too much maintenance and can be quite messy.

Electric mowers on the other hand are cleaner to operate. But the fact that you could run out of power is still a disadvantage. A corded model can also significantly limit your movement.

2. Push or Self Propelled

If you are going with a self-propelled model, you get to choose between a two wheel and an all-wheel drive. All wheel drives are advantageous if you have a hilly lawn but they can be a little bit difficult to maneuver.

Choose a Ride Mower if your Lawn is Huge

You know you are ready to choose a riding mower when it takes you more than 2 hours to mow the lawn. They can be more expensive when compared to other models. But they are ideal for finishing the job quickly and as such may be ideal if you don’t have too much time to mow the lawn.

Whatever mower you choose, proper maintenance is the only way to keeps it running for year. Mower parts need regular replacement.

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