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How to Hire the Best House Removals in Hitchin

When people are moving home in Hitchin, they need to hire friendly and reliable removals. We have heard so many stories about incorrect moving companies. You can find hundreds of different movers on the net, but nearly all of them are not going to give you what you require. It this article we will provide you with a couple of tips on how to make moving home easier.

Double Check

When hiring removals Hitchin, you have to double check everything. Each removal company must have a valid insurance policy, landline telephone numbers, and testimonials by previous customers. Reputable removal should be happy to provide you with such information. You have to contact their past clients and ask them about the quality of the removal service. Check them out in BAR (British Association of Removals) and be sure there are no complaints against the movers.

Removals Reputation

The reputation comes from the mouth of a friend or family used their service earlier. You can also try to find recommendations to learn more about the company. If somebody you can believe had a good experience with a particular company, you’ll likely to have a related experience hiring them. But remember -removals that leave great local service may not be as good when moving from one country to another occurs.


You must ask the removals few questions before hiring them: “How long is gonna take?”, “How much is gonna cost?”, “Are there any hidden fees?”, “How long have you been in the removal business?”, “Are you a BAR member?”, “Can you handle the move or you are using subcontractors?”, “Are you offer packing/storage services?” Be sure that you ask them about the info mentioned above and also what type of contract they offer. Ask for a binding moving quote from the removals that you had chosen as these moving quotes can’t be changed after. Choose cheap (not cheapest) but the excellent quality company. If you are moving abroad, ask the removals to see if they can manage a long distance move because some movers will not offer a long distance moving service.

Be Prepared

If something goes wrong, knowing how to handle the problem is even more important then any other aspects of the moving. If the removals come up to your new property and ask for more money on completion than the initially agreed, you are probably dealing with a scam. Do not decide to pay the original price but call the police station. Just write down the numbers on the lorry or any additional useful info. To avoid this kind of problems, it is essential to be prepared in case something like this will occur. You need to find another way to transport any goods that the insurance cannot cover, and then make sure anything else you are moving is insured. The different removals have different insurance policies for each move. Be sure to talk about your needs with their representative before selecting a service.

By following these hints when you are searching for removals, you must be able to hire the best removal company.

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