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How to Save Money When Replacing Kitchen Doors?

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is probably the most practical way to improve the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your kitchen. It is a small investment but the return on that investment can be substantial. There are many types of kitchen cabinet doors but if you are on a tight budget, solid wood kitchen doors might not be a good option. If you want the same aesthetic effect but don’t want to spend that much money, then MDF kitchen doors are a good choice.

Benefits of MDF kitchen doors

  • It is more affordable than the typical solid wood kitchen door.

  • MDF kitchen doors are lightweight.

  • They are extremely durable, almost as durable as solid kitchen doors.

  • They are available in different styles and colors.

  • They are easy to install and maintain.

Saving money when installing MDF kitchen door

  • If you are planning to install the kitchen door on your own, the first thing you should do is to obtain the right measurement, specifically the height and width.

  • If you want to hire the service of a professional carpenter, do not worry as the price of hiring one is not that expensive considering the simplicity of work. Just make sure that you hire a licensed and insured carpenter. Usually, if you buy an MDF kitchen door, they will offer a free installation. Some charge an installation fee, but the labor cost can be lower as their way of showing gratitude because you buy the door from them. You can save more money if you choose the service of an installer provided by the store where you buy the kitchen door.

  • If you have an existing kitchen door, you need to remove it first before the new door can be installed. It would be wise to remove the existing door on your own so that the installer will not charge an additional fee for removing an old door.

Go Professional and Still Save Money

There are many professional kitchen door manufacturers that are able to make replacement kitchen doors in solid wood, or the highest quality, handmade and finished in almost any color imaginable.  TheDoormaker.com is one such kitchen or manufacturer and also offers a free fitting on kitchen doors and units.  As well as free fitting they will also survey the kitchen and make adjustments if required.

Kitchen doors are a way of updating the look and feel of your kitchen without having the need to spend as much as you would need for a completely new kitchen. Just make sure you take into considerations the tips mentioned above.

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