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I Bought My Kid’s Bed from This Furniture Shop in Singapore

Sometimes, buying furniture for your children can be hard, especially when you want something that is both pleasing to look at and that is highly functional.

My daughter is turning 5, and she’s going to get her very own room for her birthday. So I and my wife decided to go shopping for furniture to put in her room. But with so many furniture stores in Singapore, it’s hard to find a place that sells good kids furniture.

We searched and canvased for a good bedroom set for our daughter, but we were looking for a specific design that we found online – it’s a Scandinavian-made furniture and my wife absolutely loves the design and functionality.

After visiting a few furniture shops around Singapore, we didn’t find what we were looking for. We decided to check online for a good furniture shop here in Singapore or somewhere close by that sold Scandinavian furniture. That’s when we found Danish Design Co.

Danish Design Co. was established in Singapore in 2006 and they’ve been selling furniture from top Scandinavian furniture designers like Hans Wegner, GamFratesi, and Jasper Morrison. After seeing their catalog online, we found their designs worth taking a look at, so we visited their showroom at Pasir Panjang Road.

We were surprised by the furniture they have in the showroom! They really looked exceptional and neatly designed. According to the showroom manager there, most of the designer brands that they carry have been with them since they opened in 2006 and they all follow strict European and international standards.

Based on the artistry and craftsmanship, it was clear that they are a top-level furniture shop in Singapore. Of course, admiring their design wasn’t the reason we were there – we needed a bed for our daughter!

We asked them about the bed we found online and showed them the picture. We were surprised and glad when we heard that they carry that brand! It was an Oliver furniture bed for kids and was made of wood.  It had a very simple design, but it looked aesthetically beautiful and well-crafted.

We asked about their other Scandinavian furniture products. According to the showroom manager who assisted us, their collection is highly curated and they carry only top Scandinavian designers. They aim to give buyers functional and long-lasting furniture with a classic design.

Since we were already there, we decided to shop for a new sofa as well. We were surprised because they had a promo at the time for designer sofas. All we needed was to purchase on sofa and add-on and we’ll be entitled to an almost 25% discount, which wasn’t a bad deal at all!

In the end, we went home with a bed for our daughter, a designer sofa set, and a new rug for our living room. Overall, it was a great buy from Danish Designer Co. and definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a good place to buy our furniture, we highly recommend buying from Danish Design Co.

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