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Is it smart to invest in smart home products in 2018

It has been a few years since the whole thing with smart home devices started and more and more people decide to embrace this trend. From my experience, it has been an amazing upgrade to my home, and one I can take with me if I ever decide to move.

It all starts with the Assistant you choose. Google Assistant vs Alexa. While Alexa is great at understanding you and works with tons of accessories, I tend to prefer Google Assistant for its features. Both Amazon and Google are huge companies though, so you should be confident that they will keep supporting those devices in the future either way.

Now that you chose your digital assistant, you need to choose how you control your electronic devices. For both systems, you can find affordable and expensive options from major brands or even some Chinese brands you have never heard of. Amazon has great deals but always check the reviews.

What can you control with this assistant and all the accessories though? Almost every electronic device you own. Surprisingly, nowadays there are solutions to everything. You can get smart light bulbs, or light switches, smart sockets, even smart-button-pressing-gadgets, that will click the button of a device if you ask them to. You can even get special switches to close and open your windows when you leave the house if you have electric ones.

All those features can be pre-programmed to behave however you prefer, or activated by voice, from your assistant or even your phone. What I like about Google Assistant is that it can easily be used from your android smartphone without any third-party apps, and as I discuss on Qul Mind, (my blog) it is very powerful and efficient. It can easily recognize even the heaviest accents and behave in a very human-like manner.

The best of all is that the setup couldn’t be easier (unless you want to replace switches on your walls). Most accessories can be plug and play, and the same goes for the assistants. You just show them the WiFi and they do the rest by themselves.

All you have to do next is say, Ok Google/ Alexa, turn the lights and the TV on in the living room.

One limitation is with TVs and Ovens that don’t support smart functions. Those, unfortunately, cannot be retrofitted to have smart features. But you can, if you want to learn more about science and technology you can follow Qul Mind on Facebook and Twitter. The new blog focusing on health, genetics, biology, gadgets, tech and more.

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