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Is Your Dirty Carpet Affecting Your Health?

If you are getting sick regularly and can’t determine a cause for why you are feeling under the weather, the answer may be lying underneath your feet. Houses that utilize carpeting throughout the flooring have the benefit of a comfortable surface, but can experience significant stains, smells due to spills or pets, and can even cause you to get sick. Find out more about how to avoid getting sick from your carpet and where you can get carpet cleaning in Los Angeles at a great rate when you contact the experts at Steam Pro today.

How a Dirty Carpet can Hurt Your Health

When you first get a new carpet installed in your home, it brings a beautiful freshness to any room that it is added to. Over time, however, your carpet will undeniably experience signs of living, especially if you have kids or pets and if you purchased a light upholstery color. Dirt and dust will accumulate on your carpet throughout the years, no matter how dedicated you are to cleaning the house. There are some things that a regular vacuum and cleaner will not be able to pick up without the help of professional carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.

When dirt and bacteria from your shoes or spills get ingrained in the fibers of your carpet, that bacteria will sit there unnoticed for a significant amount of time until they can begin to affect the air around you. The ingrained bacteria can also affect you by entering your bloodstream when you sit, lay or even stand on your dirty carpet.

When the bacteria from your carpet starts to affect your health, it’s time to schedule a carpet cleaning in Los Angeles immediately, or else the matter could persist, and you could experience more severe symptoms. The health problems could also spread to more members of your family and even your pets. Bacteria in your carpet can affect your health in a myriad of ways. The first is through a weakening of your immune system, another is by causing significant respiratory problems with your breathing, and a final major concern can be a development of new skin irritations.

Should you begin to experience respiratory weakness without another cause, it is very possible that your carpet needs substantial and professional cleaning. When the dirt, dust, and bacteria latch onto the fibers in your carpeting, it could result in impure air quality that enters your respiratory system when you breathe it in. Constantly inhaling this air could cause a buildup in your lungs, and you could develop several breathing problems.

If you are experiencing a weakening of your immune system recently, it may be a result of a dirty carpet as well. Similar to the way respiratory problems may arise due to the bacteria embedded in your carpet, your immune system can take a serious hit when you are constantly absorbing dirt and dust through your breathing or coming into any contact with the bacteria in your carpeting. Laying, sitting or prolonged standing on dirty carpet can also affect your overall health if your carpet is dirty, as it could lead to severe unwanted skin irritations, such as a rash, acne, and open sores if the bacteria progress for too long. If you are experiencing any skin irritations that have not been caused by another source, see a physician for care right away, and call for a premier carpet cleaning in Los Angeles. Avoid any health defects that your carpet may cause by staying proactive in your cleaning routine and contacting Steam Pro for a quality carpet cleaning service!

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