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Is Your Kitchen Out of Date?

Is your kitchen a fixer-upper from decades ago? Or, maybe your once-trendy laminate countertop and linoleum flooring have fallen out of style. Either way, the time has come to modernize your outdated kitchen.

Start with the cabinets– an older style, color, or design of cabinets can make your kitchen feel old and gloomy. Not having enough cabinets can make storage a pain, but too many cabinets can feel claustrophobic. To change the entire feel of your kitchen, try updating and installing modern kitchen cabinets Los Angeles from LEICHT.

Whether your style is modern or traditional, you can find cabinets as well as countertops, lighting, home appliances and interior accessories from the exclusive Los Angeles dealer of LEICHT kitchens.

If you are planning to sell your home, or stay for generations to come, updating your kitchen is a must-do.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Los Angeles

It’s true that modern styles are very popular these days. Even if your tastes are more traditional, you can still have the best of both worlds with LEICHT’s German-made kitchen cabinets. LEICHT offers a portfolio of both modern and traditional styles which include all the features of modern luxury.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom kitchen cabinets offer you the most creative freedom to design your dream kitchen. The main advantage to using custom cabinets in your kitchen is the flexibility– in style, material, and finishes. Size and design are tailored to suit the needs of your specific kitchen, so even unique or challenging spaces can be fit precisely. The possibilities are many for the number, size, shape, depth, finishes, and accessories, so you’re sure to end up with a kitchen that’s tailor-made for your cooking and dining needs.

Thanks to the semi-custom feature of modern kitchen cabinets Los Angeles from LEICHT, designers can upgrade your kitchen to fit your personality.

Granite Countertops

Outdated kitchens may have (inconvenient) tile-and-grout or (cheap) vinyl countertops. Your countertops get a large piece of “real estate” in your kitchen, influencing its look and feel great. Update your kitchen countertops with anything from solid surfacing varieties that consist of resin and polymers to natural stone varieties such as quartz, marble, and granite, there’s an option for everyone’s style and budget.

Energy-Saving Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the next place you should look if you want a modern, up-to-date kitchen. Upgrading to energy efficient appliances help you save water and energy, which lessens your carbon footprint (and saves you money to boot!)

LEICHT features interior accessories by Miele, a 119-old, family-owned company known for energy efficiency, design, and durability. From their freshness-retaining refrigerators/freezers to freestanding or built-in coffee machines, Miele offers the best in design and quality at an exceptional price.

Kitchen Lighting

When modernizing the major components of your kitchen, don’t forget about lighting! While kitchen lighting can sometimes be an afterthought, it is essential for ambiance, aids in safety, and adds to the versatility of your kitchen. Some kitchens only have one overhead lighting fixture. For a modern illumination source try installing recessed lighting.

Other thoughts:

  • Consider installing a dimmer switch for versatility. It can help set the mood for entertaining, improve safety, or just help you relax!
  • Pendant lighting often works well over a kitchen island
  • You can install hidden lights on the undersides of cabinets to illuminate countertops
  • Chandeliers are coming en vogue for modern kitchens!

“LEICHT implements a specially developed, premium LED light that can be used as under-cabinet lights, inside glass units, and on floating shelves.” The LEICHT collection offers many versatile forms of installation which provide effective, pleasant kitchen lighting.

LEICHT Kitchens are a German line of modular cabinetry, with a large selection of finishes available, which are easily customized. LEICHT provides some of the most versatile and modern kitchen cabinets Los Angeles has to offer. LEICHT features Vadara Quartz countertops, Miele home appliances, and functionally designed interior accessories and lighting solutions.  Call 310-360-0390 to Contact LEICHT Today!

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