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Kill the Age-old Enemy of the Garden like never before: Remove weed from your Garden with just a spray of Hot Water!

Maintaining a garden in your house can a great deal of a problem especially if one likes the place to be sophisticated, with gorgeous flowers in the garden. Gardening can be extremely tedious and difficult if an individual is not aware of the issues that can ail a garden.

The most common enemies of the garden are weeds. They can be found in your garden and they negatively affect the growth of your plants as they tend to die due to the presence of the surrounding wild weed. The weed consumes all the nutrients from the soil and are one of the deadliest problems plaguing a lawn or a garden. Hot Zot can help your garden look better than it will appear with weeds. Garden HotZot will nurse your weed affected lawn or garden back to a healthy one.

What is Garden HotZot?

Garden HotZot is nothing but a machine which behaves much like an espresso machine which is extremely easy to use. Explicitly designed for gardeners, it is an organic point and shoots spray machine. It boils water and shoots it when you press the button, killing the weeds and not damaging any of your plants.

How does Hot Zot work?

Boiling water kills weeds -this is not a recent discovery, in fact, earlier boiling water was often poured over the wild plants that were growing in lawns. Garden HotZot uses this old method clumped together with the latest technology. It comprises of a machine which fits into the hand and sprays or shoots scalding hot water at those weeds. The hot water destroys the cells of the wild plants which rapture and the plant’s connection with the roots and it eventually dies.

Merits of Hot Zot:

  • Sprays directly on the weeds and kills them without destroying the plants near them
  • Safer choice than herbicides as it only uses boiling water as a weapon and not chemicals which can be extremely harmful if stored near children or pets.
  • Does not involve weeding process of digging the soil and clawing and as a result, the lawn grasses are tidy, and pathways are clean.
  • It can also be used to kill small insects that feed on the flowers, slugs, and snails can be put aside too.
  • Faster and easier also a much safer choice than flames which can put fire to your plants as well and destroy the lawn grass.

Weeds mostly include any nature of wild plants, stunted in growth and can develop anywhere on the lawn, in between flower patches, on well-fed grasses and between plants. They usually include wild dandelions, buttercups, daisies, lesser trefoil (yellow sucking clover), black medick, common chickweed, etc. Left untreated, these weeds will snatch the space, food, and water from your most prized plants. Garden HotZot brings out the most feasible and most straightforward solution to treat weeds. Hot Zot will improve the look of your lawn or garden by killing the weeds without damaging the grass beside it.

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