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Landscape Planning The Right Way

The front yard gives the first impression of the house and its inhabitants. Good landscape planning can be the difference between a welcoming first impression or an unkempt house that nobody wishes to enter.

Landscape planning requires the following things to be taken care of.


The first thing to consider is how well the lawn can be managed once the landscaping is done successfully. Landscaping requires attention and constant maintenance, so one should plan the size of the lawn according to the time they can devote to its maintenance.

They need to plan the method of watering as well. Bigger lawns need an irrigation system installed while smaller ones can be managed with a moving sprinkler.

Availability of Sunlight

One should inspect the area during different times of the day to know which areas receive how much sunlight during the day. They can then decide on the type of plants and grass to plant in respective areas.  Even the grass of shade varieties require some hours of sunlight a day.

Soil Type

Not having the perfect soil may create the need to start over once the plants fail. Thus, it is advised to make sure the soil is ideal for a healthy growth of grass and other garden plants.

If one gets the foundation of landscaping right, then taking care of the plants and maintaining the lawn becomes an easy chore.


The house owner will most likely work with one of the local landscaping companies to complete the project successfully. These companies bring in heavy construction equipment to help them save time and effort.

Thus the house owner needs to decide how the equipment will access the lawn. Fences may need to be taken down or pathways cleared.

Permits and By-laws

Different states have different rules and by-laws regarding various features a person might want to add to their landscaping. For example, fire pits are banned in some states, and others require them to be situated a specified safe distance away from decks, fences, trees, and houses.

In conclusion, building a beautiful landscape for the house will increase the beauty manifold but need careful planning in terms of upkeep, sunlight, soil type, access, and permits to make the whole project a delight to work upon.

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