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Organizing And Cleaning Tips For Your Home Office

When you have a clean and organized office, you will be more productive. Working from home can be a challenge on the best of days and not organizing yourself correctly will only make this worse. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use to keep your home office organized and clean. Find more office cleaning tips here.

Group Similar Items Together

The first step you should take to organizing your home office is to group similar items together. This is particularly important if you have desk drawers. These drawers often become filled with random items which makes it almost impossible to find the items that you need.

You need to determine which items will be placed in each drawer. The top drawer could contain all of your stationary and smaller office supplies. The middle drawer could contain diaries and slightly larger items. The bottom drawer is the best place to keep files or to keep spare printer paper as they are generally larger than the others. Doing this will ensure that you always know where everything is.

Prune Your Paperwork

One of the biggest causes of clutter in a home office is paper. It can easily get out of hand and it might seem impossible to get it back under control. However, you can control your paperwork and keep your office clean by setting a routine for how you deal with this.

If a piece of the paper relates to an actionable task that you need to complete soon, you need to place it in one pile on your desk. This should be a single pile that you know you have to work through and deal with. There are some people who use an inbox tray for this and that is a personal preference.

Any paperwork that you have to keep but is not related to an actionable task should be filed as soon as possible. You should never leave documents on your desk thinking that you will file them later because you will never get to this. Filing them as you work with them will ensure that everything is in the right place and that your office is clean.

If the piece of paper is not important, does not have to be retained and is not related to a task you have to take, you need to recycle it. There are many people who have a tray for these pieces of paper which they can use to jot notes on at a later date. If this will not work for you, you should shred the paper and recycle it.

Tame Your Cords

It is not only the items related to your job that make your office cluttered and disorganized. The cords for all of your appliance will add to this. Stray wires and cores not only look terrible, they are also a hazard as you can trip over them.

There are a lot of products that you can use which will help you tame your cords. You should look at using some of these products as they will keep your cords safe and out of sight.

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