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Picking the Best Materials to Use for Garage Doors in Essex

Garage doors can be purchased in a number of different materials, each of which has their benefits and weak points. Below is a quick summation of the items and materials on offer, with recommendations regarding how to compare your options.


Steel is considered a good material for a garage door and for good reason. Steel garage doors are fairly priced, long lasting, low preservation and available in almost any style you want. Steel can easily be painted and is also available in designs that imitate wood.

When looking for any steel garage door, a couple of features are especially worth giving some attention to. First of all, steel is a really weak insulator, therefore having them insulated may be a wise option for saving heating and cutting down noise.

Secondly, steel garage doors have sections that vary in depth. Low-cost doors have lean boards of 27- or 28-gauge steel. Though reasonably priced and ideal for many garage areas, these types of doors won’t fully stand up well to contact from footballs being kicked at them quite hard, for instance.

Mid-level steel doors offer 25 or even 26-gauge steel (the lesser the gauge range, the heavier the steel). High-quality garage doors make use of steel which is not less than 24 gauges. Commercial grade garage doors make use of heavier steel. Several steel doors offer heavier steel on the exterior than on the inside.

Lightweight Aluminum

Lightweight aluminium garage doors have many of the features of steel, with optionally available faux lumber texturing and long-lasting coatings. Lightweight aluminum is brighter and less costly as compared to steel, but it’s more prone to dent.


Many houses in the South East, Essex, and surrounding areas have a lot of character and wooden doors will enhance them considerably. Therefore many properties around there tend to use this material for their garage doors Essex. Wood is very appealing to those looking for conventional designs and materials.

The actual lowest cost choice is coated wood with smooth hardboard panels. Stain grade wood is more expensive, however, offers the ambiance of organic wood that looks rich and full of texture and will add to the entrance and charm of your house.

Wood is the perfect insulator as compared to steel, but insulated steel gates have better energy preservation. Wooden garage doors should be taken care of and looked after on a regular basis.

Wood Composite

Composite garage doors tend to be made with re-used wood fibres. They provide the effectiveness of steel with all the looks and consistency of wood, plus they can be colored or stained. Composite garage doors can be better than hardwood in resisting rot and breaking.

Abs Plastic, Fibreglass

Abs plastic, fibreglass doors signify a small part of the market. The particular panels that are wrapped in lightweight aluminum frames can easily be coated and offer greater potential to deal with dents as compared to lean steel.

Abs plastic, fibreglass is very lightweight, a bad insulator, and may also fade from climate exposure. However, it is more immune to saltwater deterioration as compared to other garage doors materials, which makes it ideal for seaside locations.

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