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Top Reasons Why Regular Fire Drills At The Workplace Are Important

As part of the Maryland fire protection movement, every company, office building, and school should have regular fire drills at least once a year. Most people think of fire drills as a way to take a break from their everyday routine and to observe firefighters demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher. Many do not take the drill seriously because they think that they are already prepared enough to handle a fire when it does break out.

Sadly, in reality, most civilians end up panicking when there is a fire. So before you drop the regular fire drills thinking they are useless, here are the best reasons why you should continue to do regular fire drills:

Reason 1: Practice! Practice! Practice!

One main reason why regular fire drills are important is the experience it offers people. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” and that is very true when it comes to fire drills. The more exposure and training a civilian undergoes when it comes to responding to an emergency situation, the better they can cope with during the actual event.

So when the fire alarm does ring for an actual fire inside the building, everyone will know what to do and where to go, effectively decreasing the chance of panic and accidents.

Reason 2: Assigning Roles

During a fire drill, there are key people within the company that is given specific roles. This is the perfect time to know more about the strengths and capabilities of the people without actually putting anyone in danger. After the fire drill, the concluded everyone can gather to assess the everyone’s performance and find weak spots.

After determining the weak spots, the people with assigned roles can do a better job to ensure that they can meet the standards and expectations during an emergency.

Reason 3: Perfect Time To Test The Alarms

Fire alarms installed by Maryland fire protection experts are best tested during the fire drill. While alarm testing can be done at any time of the weak, a fire drill will allow the management of the building to look into places like the bathrooms to see if the alarms can be heard everywhere.

There is more than enough time and privacy during the drill to check that the entire system is functioning will not fail in the event of an emergency situation because everyone will be outside for the duration of the drill.

Reason 4: Check The Checklist

A fire drill is also a good time to check that you have everything needed in case of a real fire. Everything from a functioning fire extinguisher to the proper medical emergency kit should always be available. Be sure that the people assigned to be in charge of these things are ready to respond and act accordingly as soon as their services are needed.

Fulfilling Your Legal Obligation

Annual fire drills are a must for all buildings and schools. If you fail to do a drill at least once a year you can be charged with a serious offense. Make sure to continue practicing the drills every year so that everyone is prepared in case of a fire and you also meet the legal Maryland fire protection code standards.
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