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Remodelling a house the simple way

Here’s how to make remodeling simple.

Use tape to get a feel of what you want before you commit to the idea. Stick tape on the floors and on the walls for a sense of furniture and shelves. You can also do this for any niches or nooks you want to create for your knickknacks. Duct tape will give you important information about height and breath dimensions and if the house or room will become crowded.

Tiles are a good choice for floors. Don’t be scared to mix it up- more than one type of pattern, more than one direction. This will keep floors from looking old after a few years. For the bathroom, make sure that you use anti-skid tiles. Everyone can benefit from firm flooring!

If you can see about adding more windows or skylights. There’s nothing to perk up a house as much as natural light. A sense of breeze playing through the house and warm sunlight shining through is therapeutic in so many ways. If you can back this up with light paint on the walls, some summery yellows or bright whites, you can get a great feel. Neutral colors also work well because they go with any furniture or material. Stand at the front door and look at the house. For a sense of harmony, there must be a ‘flow’ throughout the house. Think soft, rounded edges in the walls and the furniture. Rounded edges are also safer in the long run.

You can create a flow by the right kind of floor tiles too. Use the same one for two rooms that connect and you can create an illusion of space. The same goes for a mirrored wall. Staying with mirrors, this is a good time to get a full-length mirror in the main bedroom. It’s extremely handy when you want to know how the suit or the full-length skirt looks.

Give the outside equal importance. Something as simple as a newly painted letterbox, shining with brass paint can bring a smile to someone’s face. The same goes for a neatly trimmed lawn and well looked after plants. Look at the house and see what needs to be changed. Do you want a patio added or an outdoor bar at the back? What about the shingles? Do they need fresh paint or replacement? Could you also consider a brightly painted front door? If the door is plain wood then varnish it for a shiny appearance. For the exterior paint, think all-weather, hardy paint. Some well-placed color accents, in contrast, can really add that special oomph you’re looking for.

Patio furniture can be easily replaced. Rattan or cane furniture really brings a sense of freshness to space. It could be wrought iron furniture too for that classic look.

A simple way to sense the potential and work required for your home is to store your things in storage units North Bay as the first step. Keep the essentials in the house and pack the rest up and put them away. Without distractions and too many items, you’ll be able to clearly see what needs to be done.

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