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Some Creative Basement Finishing Ideas

When your basement gets to the point no one wants to go down there anymore for fear the spiders and other creepy crawlers have taken over, it is time to reinvent your basement. If your basement is a more likely resemblance of a horror movie set than an addition to your home, then it is time to call a basement renovation company. A basement renovation company that is familiar with and knows what they are doing; they can turn that dingy, musty smelling, cobweb decorated basement into a part of your home you can be proud of every day – not just on Halloween.

The basement in the above description is no match for a professional basement renovation team. These expert contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, and designers on the team have renovated so many basements and can usually do it within a few short weeks.

If you are not for certain what you how you want to renovate your basement into, there are experienced home designers that can work with you and design your dream basement to your exact specifications – complete with Energy-Star rated appliances.

Some ideas to renovate your basement include but are not limited to the following:

Extra living space:

You can convert your basement into extra living quarters for a relative, such as your mother-in-law, or other relatives who needs their own space but cannot afford to move into their own place.

A family room:

You can have your basement renovated to be a second family room where the family can go to play games together or just watch television and be together for quality time and create memories.

A game room or home theatre:

A basement renovation can create your basement into the perfect place for the kids to play video games in, or for you to hold family movie night in your very own personalized home theatre.  

A basement apartment:

Complete with Energy Star rated appliance in the kitchen and a full-size bathroom; this can either be an apartment that you rent out to generate a second income or an apartment that you allow an adult child to live in until they can afford to move out.

A Home gym:

The space in a basement is the perfect size and area for renovating it into a home workout gym. This can save the family lots of money once spent on gym memberships.

With a basement renovation your basement can be created into whatever your dream basement is; all while providing you with the expertise and customer service that you deserve. There is no reason to be embarrassed by your basement any longer. That once abandoned space below the house will become a place that you go to all the time, to show off to a friend, as well as to relax in, or to get a healthy workout in.

All work should come with a guarantee that meets your satisfaction. In most cases, a basement can be renovated in just a few weeks. A qualified contractor to take a look and give you a handwritten estimate on how much renovation of your basement is going to cost. Make sure you do your homework when finding the perfect contractor for your renovation.

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