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Storage Building Plans and Kits

Storage building plans and kits are designed for beginners and those who have never put together a storage building or storage unit like storage units Baltimore. Plans don’t include any of the kit items. (Free storage shed plans have none of the materials needed for the project and are missing lists of tools needed etc.) And the storage shed kits or building kits are for the novice as well as the home handyman and woodworking hobbyist. One can easily put together a custom storage shed whether it’s a small unit or a larger steel building or barn.

A storage building kit is a good alternative to constructing a small shed or building with limited knowledge, ability and time or hiring a carpenter or someone to do it.

If you don’t have the ability or knowledge to sketch out your own plans, specs, measurements, and dimensions and put together the exact materials you’ll need, then shed or building kits are the way to go. You’ll have a complete list of materials or the materials themselves.

You can buy storage building kits in many sizes and shapes. You can buy wood storage building kits, steel, metal, vinyl, and plastic. What you choose will depend on how much storage space you need, what you’ll use the space for, what space is available in your yard or outdoor area and the size of your yard, backyard or outdoor space. Make sure to buy a kit that is big enough. You don’t want to short yourself on storage space. Build a little bigger than what you think you need.

A storage building or shed can also be used for playhouses, potting sheds, workshops, and many other uses, not just storage.  If you get an extra-large storage buildings kit you could actually convert it to a small guesthouse.

As we buy and collect more and more lawn furniture, lawn mowers, lawn care and maintenance tools and equipment, garden equipment, lawn toys, bikes, and tools it becomes necessary to find a good way to store them rather than clutter up the garage. If you have a carport or no carport and don’t have a garage, a storage building is even a better idea.

A 10 x 12 storage building or shed is a popular size as is 12 x 12.  This can be an ideal size if you don’t need a lot of storage space.

You can buy large storage kits with shelves and a door that locks.

Extra-large metal or steel storage buildings can be used for hay bales, farm equipment and even for RV storage.

Other considerations are; do you need it heated and if so how to heat the storage shed.  You can build a storage shed with temperature control.  Do you need noise reduction? These are just other possibilities.

Decide on the size building you need. Figure out the specifications and measurements by staking out the area you have in mind where you want to install the storage building or shed. You don’t want any shrubs, bushes or trees to get in the way. You don’t want it anywhere near your neighbor’s property where there could be a property line issue.

Decide on what material you want – vinyl, wood, pre-cut wooden, steel, other metal or plastic storage building kits. The low maintenance shed kits are made of vinyl.  Wood settings are nicer looking and fit into well-landscaped areas or where you have a lot of trees and shrubbery.

Metal and steel storage buildings and sheds are durable and sturdy and good for larger storage too. Wood storage buildings cost more to build, vinyl and steel buildings cost less – are cheap compared to wood, because of the materials used. Get metal if the price is an issue.

A small storage building or shed will have an entry.  A medium sized building kit or shed plans will have plans for windows and double doors.  Decide whether you need double doors or a single door.  You can buy the large kits or plans if you want lofts, porches or overhangs.

To make the storage shed building look less commercial or industrial you can add shutters to it or barn siding.  And shelves can be added to all sizes.

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