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Suggestions for Making Your Kitchen Look Fabulous

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen there are really a lot of things that you can do. These are only a few.

Tile of backsplash

You can update your cooking and food-prep area with a backsplash of tile. This is not only visually attractive, but also quite useful and a long-lasting design pick. It still allows you plenty of room for your own creativity to shine. You can opt for subway tile, or even design your own pattern that complements with the look you want.

Paint and hardware

With a little work and only a few basic skills, you can always brighten the kitchen with fresh paint and new hardware for the cabinets. If you want a clean and sophisticated look, think about neutral tones or a bright shade of white.

Trending islands

From storage for dishes or anything, or just a place to eat with seating that is comfortable, islands are trending for kitchens. The island is not for preparing food. No matter what your need or the size of your kitchen, there is an island for you.

Open shelves

You also have the option for open shelves rather than upper cabinets to offer display space as well as to make a small kitchen look and feel larger. Install the shelves at the standard height for upper cabinets. The shelf at the bottom should be about 18 inches above the countertop.

Granite countertop

You really would be surprised how much of a difference a new countertop can make your kitchen; especially with a sleek granite countertop that is so beautiful, it will serve as the focal point of the entire kitchen.

New appliances

Of course, you want new appliances, such as a new range, microwave and the popular ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator and the new dishwasher that saves on water.

New flooring

For a total transformation of your kitchen, it’s also time to redo the flooring. There are many choices available, but when looking for durable, easy-to-clean option use glazed tiles of ceramic, that also can even be used on as a rustic backsplash on the wall.

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