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Tensile Membrane Structures Are Durable and Long Lasting

A tensile structure is constructed of elements that carry tension but no bending or compression. The term should not be confused with integrity, a structural form with both elements of tension and compression. Tensile structures are thin-shell structures. This article will easily have tensile structures explained.


Tensile membrane structures are durable and offer longevity as they have long been tested when used both in climates ranging from the cold in the Arctic to the scorching heat of the desert. These systems are designed as well as engineered to be durable and fire resistant and to meet building codes.

Made from

They are made of PVC architectural fabric that is high tech with PVDF topcoat that has a lacquering layer of improved UV resistance and is self- cleaning. The system requires very little maintenance especially when you compare it to an equal sized covering of a conventional roof. And these PVC fabrics have a lifespan that is equal to other covering materials so the cost over a service of 25 years makes this membrane a cost-efficient design.

Used close to existing buildings

When these membrane structures are designed for use close to existing building the translucency of the structure has significant benefits. Less energy is used due to the high solar reflectivity and low absorption of sunlight. In addition, the fabric is excellent acoustics and nose reduction underneath the canopy. A tensile structure does much to absorb the sound of rain as well as echoes and voices.

Use in tents

The construction form has only become better analyzed and used more in large structures in the last part of the 20th century. These structures have long found use in tents where guide ropes and tent poles offer pre-tension to fabric allowing it to withstand loads.

Since the 60s

Since the 1960s, these tensile structures have been used all over the world. Steady progress in technology has enlarged the popularity of these structures. The low weight of materials makes construction cheaper and easier than designs that are standard, particularly when huge open areas need to be covered.

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