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The Best Way To Eliminate Grease From Your Kitchen

While you might not always spot grease stains when they occur, they are inevitable in a kitchen where food is prepared and eaten, and can quickly become a big, unsightly problem if not tackled quickly and in the right way.

How best to tackle and eliminate grease stains from your kitchen:

Using water on its own will simply not do the job when it comes to cleaning grease, even if it’s piping hot since water molecules don’t stick to grease molecules. Unfortunately, simply scrubbing hard isn’t enough either, you need to purchase an over the counter de-greasing solution, or make one yourself from store cupboard essentials. Here are five household solutions that will help you to get rid of grease and get back to enjoying your house cleaning, especially clean kitchen in next to no time:

For instantly spotted greasy spillages, simply take some ordinary flour and sprinkle it all over the stain. The grease will be absorbed by the flour and make it easy to wipe away and clean, but note that this does not work so well for grease that has already begun to harden on the surface.

If you’ve just cooked something greasy in a pot or pan, pour some club soda into it while it’s still warm and this will prevent the grease from sticking to the surfaces until you’re ready to wash it.

Grease stains on clothing can look unsightly and be super tricky to get rid of. However, if you rub chalk or baby powder directly onto the stain, then you’ll find that much of the grease is absorbed and you can brush it off afterward.

For grease stains on other types of fabric that can’t be so easily popped into the laundry though, you’ll need to use a different solution. For rugs, chair cushions and carpets, try making a mixture of 1 part salt, with 4 parts rubbing alcohol. Rub this mixture into the fabric using a cloth, until you see the greasy stain begin to lift and disappear. You can use your vacuum cleaner to suck up any salt left over and use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any marks that have been left.

Vinegar is another cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for grease that has become hardened and difficult to shift. Spray vinegar onto the stain, whether it be in your oven or stuck to a baking pan, and let it be absorbed for a few minutes. The acid in the vinegar will do a great job of helping to dissolve and soften the grease, and it should then be much easier to wipe away with a soapy sponge afterward. Vinegar applied to a hot or still warm grease stain will see you achieve even better results.

Grease is a problem in every kitchen in every home cleaning, but tackled quickly and using the above solutions, it need not become a dirty issue that spoils your home.

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