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The Latest Big Trends in Home Decor

Your home is more than just the place where you and your family live. It is an expression of the family that lives there. You want the interior of your home to be an honest expression of your family’s warmth and zest.

But just like fashion trends, trends in interior decorating change with the year or even the season. Whether or not you are the consummate homemaker, you want your home to be current in its style and give off a welcoming vibe. Keeping up with the latest trends can be hard, but here is a rundown of some of the home interior trends that are expected to rule the new year.

Soulful artisan fixtures and pieces

Artisan accenting pieces are expected to spike in popularity in 2019. A simple, yet beautiful and eye-catching light fixture or chandelier could really complement some of the decors already in your home.

If you have the popular black and steel-look in your kitchen, then try some creative light fixtures that fit the color scheme. If your dining room is well lit by natural light during the day, then you could try adding more ambient lighting. This type of lighting can add warmth to your family dinners.

Canvas prints

Canvas prints are a creative way to display works of art and family moments. This wall decor has really grown in popularity over the past few years, and that trend is expected to continue into 2019. Canvas prints are versatile: their uses are only limited to the ideas that you come up with for them. A specialist can print to canvas any image or text that you want.

One popular way to utilize canvas prints is to make a mural on a wall. Each canvas print is part of the mural like a piece of a puzzle, which gives the art a 3D look that comes alive in the imaginations of all who view it.

Intricate tile and grout schemes on walls

You and those you love likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Just having a visually appealing kitchen makes you more likely to prepare meals fit for royalty in it. In 2019, intricate tile and grout patterns will be a popular way to bring kitchens to life.

The trick lies in the contrast between the tile and the grout. It should be a contrast of dark, sophisticated colors and light, earthy ones. The inspirations for the patterns are drawn from Morocco and Tunisia.

Terrazzo time

Terrazzo is expected to make a big comeback in 2019. It experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, but this is widely expected to be the year of terrazzo. The multi-colored flecks and shards of glass, granite, and marble brought together in a composite can bring a light and colorful look to any room.

Lighten up the kitchen

Another trend which should greatly change the way kitchens look is that they will be lighter in 2019. This year, you could see many people turn away from black and stainless steel schemes to go for white appliances. These appliances will be paired with walls and cabinets that are painted in primary colors. This classic look is a great way to express modern-day minimalism and the hope of yesteryear.

As you can see, this year will be a very exciting one in interior decorating. This year, interior decorating is all about the artsy and the nostalgic.

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