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The Perks of Building Your Home

We often have a specific idea of what finding a new home should look like. We think we’ll find a home and fall in love at first sight, even though the reality is that getting the right home often takes longer. One study from the UK found that it takes an average of eight minutes for people to decide if they want a home. But if you can never find the right home on the market, that doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you. Something might be wrong with the market or maybe you have specific needs that can’t be met by the current inventory. In that case, it’s worth seriously considering building your own home. Here are some benefits to building a new home from scratch.

Almost unlimited customization

When you buy a pre-existing home, you have to either accept or reject the decisions made by the person who originally built the house. If they wanted a shower stall instead of a luxurious tub, then you have to either live with that or tear down the bathroom and rebuild it. If the garage only fits one car and your family has two, then you’ll have to either build a bigger garage or just get used to parking one car in the driveway. Those may not sound like huge deals, but limited garage access can matter a lot if you live in a climate with extreme weather.

With new home builders, you can just show them a lot and tell them what you want. Maybe it’s not that simple, but you are involved in the process from the beginning. If you want a home with four bedrooms and two baths, then you can ask the builder if those rooms will work for the amount of land you have. If you want a big backyard for your kids to play in, then you can build the house with that in mind.

Think of buying a house like going into a restaurant and ordering a meal: You have a menu with a few options. Some of the options are good, but many of them just aren’t to your taste. When you build a home, you aren’t just shopping for the ingredients and cooking the meal yourself. It’s more like you’re hiring a chef to design the perfect meal for you, even if it’s expensive or takes longer than it would if you just walked into a restaurant and asked for a booth.

Competition isn’t a factor

Buying a home can make you feel like you’re constantly competing against other prospective home-buyers. If you put in an offer, there’s not much-stopping someone else from coming in behind you and making an even bigger offer. The U.S. housing market has been famously competitive in recent years. While the market is calming down a bit, fighting to find an affordable home you love can feel like running an obstacle course at the same time as thousands of other people. It’s physically and emotionally draining.

When you build a home, a lot of those worries go away. No one can enter your construction site in the middle of the night and plant a flag there to claim it for themselves. Once you make an agreement with a contractor, they’re typically going to fulfill their obligations rather than run away as soon as another family makes them a better offer.

If you’re competing with anybody when you build a home, it might be the clock. Construction delays are as inevitable as death and taxes. It’s not uncommon for your home’s completion date to be pushed back multiple times. If the weather hits a bad streak or there’s a sudden supply shortage, you usually can’t do much but wait. Good home builders will do everything possible to lessen the chances of a delay, but they’re not omnipotent.

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