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Top 4 Tips for Renovating Your Home

One of the biggest decisions people have to make is to buy a home and when it comes time to renovation most homeowners just want the best for their precious home. So here are my tops tips by engineering consulting firms when you plan to make any alterations to your home

#1 Recommendation

Talk to as many people as you can and find out everything about the builder or contractor. Don’t be shy about calling up references because these are going to be doing the work on your home and you want it done right. You have to trust these people, as they will be in your home for days so trust is key.

#2 Leave the Builder Alone

This might seem harsh but it is best if you and your family stay in a friend’s house or even in a local handle hotel for the days that the work will be ongoing. This is by far the best thing to do because then you are not getting in their way and they are not in yours. Be sure to pop home in the evening to check up on the work.

#3 Specify

Be specific about exactly what you want. Name everything if you want your table and chairs painted pink or mounted on the wall be sure to tell them. If you don’t tell them then they wont do it. If you’re not specific you will have to spend more money getting them to redo the work. Remember when you pay the contractor most will leave it at that so if you have any last minute changes you want to be made make sure you speak up.

#4 Mess

Make sure that the contractor cleans up the mess everyday because it will only build up and the last day will be too much to clean and you will end up doing most of the work

Changing your home is a big deal but sometimes it is a must and can be quite fun to do because the finished product is perfect and usually exactly what you asked for.

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