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TZM Parts Give Super-Powered Strength and Heat Handling

When it comes to pure strength for industrial and manufacturing purposes, TZM metal alloy is near the top of the list. This molybdenum alloy also includes carbon and titanium and zirconium that give this alloy its abbreviation. It is sometimes referred to as molybdenum-TZM. Together, they all contribute to its strength and heat resistance. This metal comes in various forms: sheets, rods, ingots, granules, and powders among others.

TZM Parts Bring Extra Strength

One of the most appreciated benefits of TZM is the increased strength it displays over pure molybdenum. Most people recognize titanium as being one of the strongest metals, and its inclusion with zirconium and carbon add those properties to regular molybdenum.

The advanced strength makes this metal ideal for various products and parts used in manufacturing, medical equipment, and tool creation. The atomic structure of molybdenum and TZM alloy helps it maintain strength without being brittle. This term describes how metal acts when put under pressure. Brittle materials will crack or deform. TZM maintains its structure well under stress.

Other Benefits of TZM Parts

Besides strength, TZM metal recrystallizes at a higher temperature, which makes it ideal for use in extremely high temperature applications. In fact, it functions best between 700 and 1400 degrees Celsius or 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Even at room or more moderate temperatures, TZM maintains its strength and thermal conductivity.

Another benefit of TZM is its resistance to creep. This means that, over time, the metal will not gradually deform or shift positions. This alloyed metal also resists corrosion so it lasts longer.

TZM Parts at Use in the World

Due to TZM’s ability to function well at very high temperatures, most of the practical uses for it are inside machinery or equipment that reaches them. These include vacuum furnaces of various types. This type of furnace keeps whatever inside in a vacuum, which reduces possible contamination. They are often used for brazing, sintering metal, and annealing as well. The TZM is used for wall linings and the heating elements themselves.

TZM parts also get used in hot die forging for tools and other parts and products. This process includes melting the material metal and then pushed or hammered into a die or mold of its intended shape. This molybdenum alloy is exceptionally helpful in manufacturing items made from other metals that only become ductile at high temperatures themselves.

Other uses for this unique alloy are more specific to diverse industries. For example, TZM molybdenum is used to create fuel nozzles for space rockets. It is also used for large-scale X-ray equipment in medical facilities.

TZM parts are some of the strongest available for manufacturing in various industries. Since the alloy is so resistant to heat, it makes the perfect choice for hot furnace work, die casting, and fuel applications.

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