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Using lighting to transform your home

A well-lit room can transform a home. It can open up spaces, make rooms feel bigger and it can improve the livability of a property. With domestic use for clever lighting technology on the rise, there are no limits to how we can utilize lighting in our home. Check out these tips below to help you use natural and artificial light to transform your space.

Clever storage systems

To start, one of the simplest ways you can utilize the natural light you already have is to remove the bulk storage units. Even if these storage systems don’t cover up windows directly, tall cabinets can absorb light, which can make a room appear smaller, darker and dingy. Be clever with your space by housing some of your clutter in a bed with under mattress storage from a supplier such as Divan Beds Centre. Hiding clutter will help the light bounce around the room, as well as keeping your home tidy.


Another great way to harness the power of light and design is to trick your eyes and mind. Hang large, small and decorative mirrors to help natural light bounce around the room. Strategically placed mirrors, such as in narrow hallways or at the end of a long room, will make the entire dwelling feel much bigger. But, this doesn’t mean you need to transform your whole place into a house of mirrors. All you need is to spread out a few across your home to improve light flow. Mirrored furniture can be a great statement piece to accompany both pastel and bright colored styles and fabrics.

Statement shades

It’s no coincidence why for centuries the rich and famous have been spending thousands on spectacular, grand chandeliers. They’re not only a talking point, but they can transform a room. If you want the light to dance around the room, choose low key glass or crystal frames to make a shimmery statement. If you want to create a clear path for the light to flow, a pendant light with a deep bowl will look great over a table and it can create an atmospheric dinner scene. Exposed shades, where just a metal structure frames the bulb, can improve the light and compliment a geometric interior design.

LED lights

As well as placing spotlights under shadowed cabinets or worktops in the kitchen, the same style of LED lights can be adapted to the rest of your home. Attach ropes of LED lights to the inner seam of a draw or to the recess of your shelving unit. This clever use of lighting can illuminate your prized possessions as if they were on display at a gallery – and it can help you find a pair of socks in the dark. LED sidelights can be a great extension of illumination in bathrooms and kitchens. With modern stainless-steel casings in sleek designs, you can turn functional lighting into an art feature.

These are just a few ideas to help you use lighting cleverly to transform your home’s appearance at a minimal cost.

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