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Weinor Awnings for Your Patio Needs

At the height of summer, there’s no better place to spend a recreational activity than your patio. However, when the heat of the sun becomes too much to bear, you’d wish to have more shade to keep you from the harmful UV rays. Fortunately, there are awning solutions that allow you to spend more time outdoors without worrying about getting sunburned. One of these is Weinor awnings that specialize in addressing your patio needs.

Weinor is one of Europe’s leading patio, conservatory, and balcony awnings manufacturer. The range of Weinor awnings has won several recognitions in the industry, which speak of its quality.

Here are other reasons in choosing Weinor awnings for your patio:

5-decade experience:

Weinor has been in the business of providing awnings solutions for over 50 years. This decade of experience in the awnings business is based on its philosophy to “provide a better quality of life around the house and garden.” The company emphasized its thrust in “Creating a comfortable atmosphere with products that blend harmoniously into the areas of sunshine, greenery, light, and shade.”

High-quality products:

Keeping their word with their philosophy, Weiner awnings are produced after much research and innovation from engineers and designers with nothing in mind but a smooth operation of the awnings and elegance in its designs. The frames and brackets of the awnings, for instance, are made from the best materials available; from drop forged aluminum, for additional strength and long-lasting use. Every bolt, nut, and screw used in the awnings are all made from stainless steel to keep it from rusting. If this isn’t enough, the metalwork in Weinor awnings is also powder coated so it has extra protection from extreme weather conditions.

Wide array of fabrics:

Weinor has over 200 fabrics to choose from to suit everyone’s style and taste. All these fabrics though are made from high-pigment fibres making them waterproof and UV rays-resistant.

All Weinor awnings are made-to-order so you can be sure to have one that suits your patio size and preference. You can even choose to have your patio awnings to include LED lighting or drop-down valances.

Adding patio awnings in your outdoor space is a wise investment for your home improvement projects. You get to spend more time with your family and friends outside your house whether for dining or recreation, plus you get to maximize the space in your area. However you wish your awnings to look like, it’s always recommended for you to do your research first. Choose your awnings carefully and make sure it lasts longer. Weinor awnings would make a good choice to consider.

By Rechelle Barraquias

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