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Why Refurbish Your Office

If you’re running a business, regardless of its size, furbishing your offices is always an important item on your budget, as well as on the list of your employees’ satisfaction. It’s also an important part of your company’s image as it can tell how much you care about your employees’ comfort, health and work conditions, about the interior design and overall look of your offices, and be decisive in forming your clients’ or business partners’ final impression about your business.

Changing the look of your office and getting new office furniture from time to time is definitely a good idea, and after a while, a necessity. But it is often a serious investment, so many entrepreneurs don’t opt for it so gladly.

But there have to some saving tricks, plus this investment can actually return to you in more than one way. So here are the reasons why to give your office a new image.

Attract New Clients

As already mentioned, your office is a kind of ID which can tell a lot about your company. It’s often the first thing your potential clients and business partners see thus creating a first impression that is really important. Of course, a good looking office won’t help you if you don’t have a real, serious business behind, but if you do, it can help you advertise and sell it.

The efficiency of the space usage can be telling about your company’s efficiency. The overall sitting arrangement and comfort of the furniture can show how much you care about your employees.

The most expensive furniture does not necessarily have to be the best, as it sometimes may seem like a waste of money, so it’s good to find the best ratio between price and quality. Using eco-friendly materials can be a huge plus for your company, as well as for the environment, so it’s a win-win.

Your old clients might appreciate the change as well, noting that you care about your employees’ satisfaction, about your company’s image, and that you wisely invest the money you earn from them. However, just make sure you pick the right time so you don’t disrupt any important business processes or negotiations.

Boost Morale and Productivity

A move such as an office refurbishing can earn you points with your employees (but it can’t replace fair and respectful treatment in all other aspects and shouldn’t serve to cover up the potential problems). So it’s a good idea to hear their opinion before you make the final plan. Ask them about their preferences when it comes to the sitting arrangement, office organization, evaluate their needs and priorities and incorporate that in the plan.

It’s okay to try saving some money so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the new office furniture, but be careful where you save. For instance, it’s okay if you opt for good-looking used desks in a fine condition, but you should definitely get new chairs so you provide maximum comfort and healthy workplace for your employees. This will show them you really appreciate their work and care about their well-being, which is likely to increase their loyalty and productivity. It will also be a clear sign that the business is doing well.

Get Rid of the Mess

With the business growing, the number of employees increasing, the number of things in the office becomes overwhelming. PCs, documents, files, agendas, photos, clothes, what not. So the need for storage space increases as well.

Refurbishing is the perfect time to resolve this and provide your employees with enough space to place their work equipment, as well as their personal belongings. No one wants to come in an office overwhelmed with paper and crammed with tightly packed monitors.

A neat and clean office, with clear tables and sorted cables, provides a perfect work atmosphere and leaves a great impression. It can also be very useful as additional storage space will allow for a better organization of documents and files, so it will also increase the overall efficiency.

You can look for practical cabinets that don’t take up too much space, yet provide a lot of well-organized storage space. You should definitely do something about cables, ideally, get the majority of wireless devices, or alternatively sort them and tidy them up. Finally, if you don’t have them, or if you don’t have enough of them, get drawers. They’re a life-saver for keeping the mess of the table, yet keeping all the things at hand.

All these factors can contribute to your overall business success, efficiency and your employees’ overall satisfaction and productivity, so an investment such as office refurbishing can immensely pay off in the long run.

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