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Wooden Furniture – Home improvement the Elegant Way!

Giving the home a complete makeover is not something all of us can afford. Yet, with simple touches and small additions, you can give your room a fresh and a new look. Furniture is a crucial component in this aspect, and there is nothing like wooden furniture to make a room look elegant and graceful. There are so many kinds of furniture available not only locally but also in other countries. There are Indonesian furniture manufacturers who produce exquisite furniture, as they do here. So the choices one has are truly extensive.

Apart from the piece of furniture, you also have a choice in the type of wood it is made from. Wood gives warmth and a cozy feel to the room. It hardly needs any maintenance and retains its looks over the years. It is easy to refurbish wooden furniture with polish, so you can maintain its look or go for a change as you wish. It is recyclable – so you can make new pieces of furniture if you think old furniture has outlived its use and looked.

Each kind of wood has its distinctive shades and tones, leaving its one stamp on the furniture and room. Let’s see what the best choices for wooden furniture are:

1. Teak:

This wood has been used for furniture down the ages. Very strong and heavy, with a warm brown shade, there was a time when wood meant the only teak. Nowadays, as houses become smaller, the use of teak has also diminished. This wood is very durable, and furniture made from teak is a class apart.

2. Mahogany:

This is famous for its deep shade and distinctive look. The mahogany desk was an absolute must in every study in the earlier days. Mahogany also is not used as often as in earlier times.

3. Oak:

Oak is quite famous for making furniture. It comes in two varieties, white and red, so you can choose the right shade to match your décor. Furniture made in oak has a very contemporary look about it.

4. Walnut:

Walnut has a rich brown shade and is easy to work with to make furniture. It is slightly on the expensive side but is worth it for the distinctive feel.

5. Rosewood:

This is very hard and has a fragrance. As it is expensive, custom-made furniture only is made from rosewood, and it is rarely available as ready furniture.

Seeing the variety and options available, it is just a matter of going and choosing – from your local furniture shop, online stores, and Indonesian furniture manufacturers, to get that beautiful piece of wooden furniture to beautify your room and home.

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